How much does it cost to replace a key member of your development team?

Think of the time, productivity drop, lost knowledge and recruitment costs.

It would make sense to hire the most competent people you can find and do everything you can to keep them as long as possible.

So how would you go about this?

I’ll give you a hint…

You don’t need ping pong tables and fridges full of beer and snacks.

Most developers I know are motivated by more intrinsic factors.

They like to be problem solvers and know that they are trusted to do the job.

Basically the complete opposite of being subject to micro management.

But what does that even mean in terms of actionable things that you can do to create a work culture and an environment where developers won’t want to leave?

What follows is our advice.

Focus on Challenging Work

Build vs Buy? Buy unless it is your core focus or what makes your business unique.

Have your developers work on the challenging tasks. Outsource the rest or use existing products. Don’t reinvent the wheel as they say.

Many developers find it rewarding to solve new or challenging problems. Free up their time so they can provide the maximum value to you.

Trust your Developers

Developers are problem solvers. Let them solve your problems.

Nothing kills motivation more than not being give a chance to think and contribute to the solution.

You should be forming your own opinions and strategies but make sure to include your development team and ask for their feedback from the beginning.

Give Developers Autonomy

Great developers crave the ability to come up with their own solutions, to manage themselves, to take ownership and to take pride in the end product.

You want to encourage and reward these people as they will be your most motivated team members.

The best way to do this is through location flexibility.

This requires a management process so people can work from anywhere and don’t always need to be in the same place at the same time.

Many companies resist this idea but we believe it is the future of work and companies that do embrace it will have a significant advantage in hiring software developers.

Location flexibility doesn’t just benefit the people that work for you, it allows you to hire from a larger pool of talent and save money by hiring from areas with a lower cost of living. These areas could even be in your own country.

This can easily be an entire article by itself. To stay up to date with our articles please follow our company page on Linkedin.

For now we would say that if you had a highly productive team with low retention and recruitment costs that delivered on everything you asked for, it would be worth it…wouldn’t it?

Judge Results

Time spent does not equal productive time.

Your customers only care about your results and so should you.

Judge your software developers based on their results.

If they deliver everything you ask for and more, does it matter where they work from or when they do the bulk of their work?


Developers want trust, autonomy and a results-based work environment where they solve challenging problems.

Think about how you can create a work environment where this is possible.

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