How To Build a Team of All Star Blockchain Developers

Without Hiring Full Time Employees OR Outsourcing to an Agency

Build Better Products

At Lower Cost

With the Best Talent

How It Works

We help blockchain CTOs and entrepreneurs build their products fast by providing purpose-built development teams without outsourcing. You'll end up with your own team of remote developers who work exclusively on your product. Here's how it works:

1. Align the Product Vision

We dive deep into your product vision, project requirements, current team and processes and make sure we can help you. A clear plan to move forward is created.

2. Find the Right Talent

We hire the best developers for your project within your budget, and in a location that makes sense for you.

3. Clarify the Development Process

We build off your existing development process or define one. We teach you and your team how to effectively manage remote developers.

4. Oversee the Successful Execution

We provide ongoing advisory services to your team or manage the entire development process for you.

About Us

Greg Freeman
Founder & CTO

Hantor is the result of my 8 years of experience as a CTO and building remote teams to work on my own products.

I am currently the CTO of iFunded, where the remote team I setup built the smart contracts and blockchain technology for the real estate investment platform.

The smart contracts were audited by ConsenSys and passed with no major flaws found, a testament to the quality of software done by a remote team.

Now I help other companies do the same.

I know the challenges companies face in finding the right talent, within budget and in shipping products on-time.

If that sounds interesting, I have a case study below that goes over the process.

"The code did not have any major or critical issues. This is quite rare. Kudos to you!"
Daniel Luca
Security Auditor for ConsenSys Diligence

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